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Scientific Name: (Acanthastrea Lordhowensis)
Designer Name: Rubio Acan Lord
Care Level: Beginner-Intermediate
Placement in tank: Low-Mid Level
Reef-Licious Light Level: Low-Medium 30-75Par
Reef-Licious Flow: Low-Medium Intermittent
Reef-Licious Chem: Temp 76-78°F, dKH 7.5-8.5, Cal 420PPM-440PPM, Mag 1380, No3 20ppm, S.G-1.025
Feeding 3X A Week: Selcon, Reef Roids, PE Mysis, LRS Fish Egg, RN Oyster Feast, RN Rotifers  
Acclimation Time: Float Bags For 30min Before Introducing Into Aquarium
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