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Greetings, Reefers!


Here at Reef-Licious, we want our customers to love saltwater aquariums as much as we do. We are passionate about reef aquariums and enjoy sharing our passion with our customers. We take the time to educate people, to inspire and be inspired by the rewards that come from maintaining a thriving reef aquarium. 

Our passion for this hobby shows in the aquatic species we keep and products we carry. Our staff spends endless amounts of time testing intensively all the equipment and chemicals we carry to narrow down products that actually work. We also travel routinely to research suppliers that meet our standards. We even go a step further and fly out personally to hand pick our selection. We welcome you to come see what we have to offer here at Reef-Licious! 

Thanks for visiting Reef-Licious.


Aquarium Supplies 


Reef-Licious has all the aquarium supplies you need. These include standard or custom aquariums, medication, plumbing parts, maintenance & salt mix, berlin sump, heaters, chillers, LED lighting, protein skimmers, return pumps, power-heads, UV sterilizer, as well as complete supplements for simplifying & maintaining proper water chemistry. We also carry state of the art equipment for aquarium automation.




From the common green, to the metallic orange and neon blue; we have an incredible selection of corals to offer. These include aquacultured corals, maricultured corals, soft corals, stony corals, and many more. 80% of our corals in stock are personally hand picked all over the globe. 




We offer many varieties of saltwater fish. All of our new fish arrivals are quarantined at least 1-2 weeks before they are available for purchase. Our staff are trained and will work with you to select the right fish for your aquarium. 



Whether you’re looking for janitorial invertebrates that help keep the tank clean, or aesthetic invertebrates that add beauty to the aquarium, we have a great variety of invertebrates to fit your specific needs.



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